You will have peace of mind knowing your pet will receive meals at the right time.
LUSMO will feed your pets for you.

5 very convenient functions

You can program
the feeding
times in minutes.

your pet can have a controlled healthy diet.

Able to control
the pet food amount
by 1/16cup(15cc).

it will prevent giving or eating too much.

You can program
3 meals per day.

it is convenient to adjust
the total quantity of the daily intake.

The repeat operations
run daily.

it is so convenient you don't have to worry about feeding for your pet on time.

You can be used
manually just
pressing a button.

it is convenient to dispense pet food for reward or snacks.

Recommended for these pet owners.

Optimal for pets staying
home alone

When you are away from home on travel or outings, or coming back home in irregular hours.

A case with a single business woman who lives with a Miniature Dachshund.
She can't stop thinking about feeding her dog who remains inside at home when she has a sudden overtime job to do. She passes the invitation to a drinking party once her dog is in her mind.
A case with a retired couple living with an American Shorthair.
They want to travel to a hot spring spa but always end up in a day trip because they have a little concern with pet hotels or pet sitters.

Customize a meal for your pet's
optimal health

Want to control the amount of daily meals for pets getting overweight due to insufficient exercise.

A case with a working couple who lives with a Corgi.
Being an indoor dog, he is getting a little overweight. For a working couple, it is difficult to increase the frequency of walking the dog. So, they decided to at least provide a diet control but is bothersome to actually handle that.
A case with a family with 5 members who lives with 3 cats.
All three are more than 7 years old aged cats plus have obesity problems. Although the family understands the proper feeding amount to control weight but because it is bothersome to measure the portions every time, they roughly provide the meals to cats.

LUSMO-will support you!

Features we love!

The automatic feeder is so convenient!
I never thought it would be so convenient to have the set amount dispensed on the right time.
No more begging for food early wake up calls.
Every morning, my cat wakes me up as if saying "where is my breakfast??" but now I can sleep in a little.
No more vomiting behaviors.
My cat used to vomit when being too hungry or overloaded but with a regular eating habit this has subsided.
No more scarfing down the food.
Since I am not home during the day, he was scarfing down his food but now has become very elegant.
It worked well even with my wimpy dog.
The meal comes out quietly with a "sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle…" sound. My dog did not get scared and finished his meal.