Answers to your ???
Please refer to the following Q&A.

Does this only work with dry pet food?
Yes, this is designed for dry pet food, so do not dispense canned or semi-moist pet food.
Would any type of dry pet food work?
You cannot dispense large kibble dry pet food that has 0.6" or more side as it may get jammed inside the feeder.
Please use small or medium sized kibble.
What amount is the minimum feeding per one serving?
Approximately 1/16cup(15cc).
But it can vary with the size and type of pet food. Measure your pet's favorite pet food and test run.
Can I customize the feeding schedule in details?
Yes, 24-hours programming is available in minutes.
Can I program just one meal a day?
Yes, if you set up the feeding amount as 0g (program key: F-0), the pet food will not be dispensed.
Set F-0 for feeding time that you do not want to feed.
when you want to feed only 3/4cup(180cc) on 10AM.
Number of feeding Feeding time Feeding amount
1st time setting 10:00 F - 12
2nd time setting 12:00 F - 0
3rd time setting 18:00 F - 0
Will be dispensed every day when there is pet food in the dispenser tank?
By programming the feeding up to three times a day, it will automatically dispense and consistently repeat for 24-hours.
What else can I do other than to program the feeding?
There is a manual feeding function which allows you to feed anytime you like regardless of your program setting.
Is it possible to run the feeder only when I want to?
Yes, it is equipped with ON-OFF power switch, so you can use it when you need to go out at once by pressing ON.
The program will be retained and can be operated by pressing ON.
How long does the batteries last?
With an average usage, the batteries last about six months.
Please replace the batteries as soon as possible when the battery power indicator on the operation panel display lights up when batteries are low in power.
(Please replace all four batteries when replacing. Regarding the batteries, please use Alkaline batteries that are high in power efficiency.)
Can I use rechargeable batteries?
No, rechargeable batteries have low voltage and are not suitable for use.
Please note that you cannot use battery adapter as well.
Is there a warranty?
Yes, we offer 1 year product warranty for the main unit.